Frequently Asked Questions – Westchester Car Leasing

If you are interested in making a lease with our auto leasing agency and wish to know more about our services, you have come to right place. Since many customers are new to the car leasing service, little do they know about its way of functioning. It is important to be informed about a company and the way it operates before you strike a deal. Hence, here are some frequently asked questions and queries about our company from our existing customers.

Do you have a physical Car Lot in Westchester?

No we do not. We are an online auto leasing service and we intend to operate that way in the future as well. This decision is made for the benefit of both our customers and ourselves. As an online car leasing agency, our maintenance costs our low. Maintaining a physical lot can create geographical inconvenience for our customers who live in the further parts of Westchester. Furthermore, the absence of a physical outlet eliminates the need for travelling costs for you as well.

How do I maintain contact with your company?

We have an excellent service staff that will provide you all the information you require through our hotline. This way, you do not have to dress up and travel unnecessarily. Instead, you can acquire whatever information you need to know from your home itself. You can contact us any time on 631-778-7070. We will be happy to answer your questions and doubts.

How is your website more useful than a salesperson?

You will notice that our company website will enlighten you to a great extent as well. It includes all the information about the brands and models we have on offer. This includes the current prices, ratings and ranks, and car leasing specials that our company offers. All our website information is regularly updated according to changes in the industry. This might not be case with a salesperson, since they need frequent debriefs in order to be informed and thus are more likely to provide outdated information. Furthermore, if you will be able to compare the prices and car leasing deals that out company offers with other websites. This is not possible with a sales staff, since all the information you acquire will be based in his/her knowledge. Therefore, there is a higher likelihood for the information to be biased and partial towards their company.

How is your auto leasing service cheaper?

Since we do not maintain a physical outlet, we concentrate and use our financial resources in providing a more beneficial service to our customers. This way we are able to offer more auto leasing deals for our customers. Thus, when you make an auto lease with our company, you will be able to experience the best of service for lowest of price. Furthermore, since we do not operate on fixed or strict car lease terms, you will be able to experience a more flexible auto leasing service. For instance, at Westchester Car Leasing, we give you the liberty to choose your own terms regarding the lease duration and lease payment.
Therefore, it is beneficial in every way to make your auto lease with Westchester Car Leasing. Call us on 631-778-7070 to experience the best service in town.

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