Smart Leasing in Westchester

These cars are ideal if you live in a metropolitan area such as New York or Boston, since the car is small-made so it can make its way through traffic. It is also the suitable option for customers who wish to drive green, since the brand supports the policy of decreasing carbon emissions. Furthermore, it is also an economically apt solution for budget buyers who cannot afford luxury automobiles.
One of the products in high demand is the 2015 Smart Fortwo. As an electric vehicle, it gives high efficiency to the driver. The compact-size also not only enables the car to travel through the city quite easily but also makes parking very quick, even in confined spaces. Thus, the model is perfect for a budget lease since it can be afforded by a vast majority.
If you want information regarding other models of Smart apart from the Fortwo, you can call us on 631-778-7070 and talk to our service staff, who will be happy to serve you at the moment.

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Early Lease Termination

Most auto leasing agencies make you go through a long, time consuming procedure when terminating your car lease early. In addition to this, they also charge a high penalty. But, at Westchester Car Leasing, if you wish to terminate your Smart Lease, you will only have to follow some simple steps.
Firstly, you will have to present us a valid reason for your decision. Be assured, whatever your reason may be, we will allow you to terminate your lease beforehand.
Secondly, you will have to sign the relevant documents and finish all the paperwork. You will also be charged a compensation fee as any other company would, the difference is that our fee is much lower. You must ensure that all your personal belongings are removed from the car since we will not be responsible for them once the car is sent to the garage. Furthermore, if the car is damaged in any way and thus needs to be fixed, a fee will be charged. That is unless you repair all the damages before you hand over the car back to us.
Finally, after all procedures are done, you have the option of leasing your next car with us. Especially if you are terminating you lease to try out a latest model, we are more than happy to be of service. Not only will your termination procedures will be done quickly, but the necessary arrangements for your new auto lease will be conducted as soon as possible too.

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Since people are becoming more aware about the benefits of auto leasing, demand and sales are on the rise. Though this is a positive development for us, you, our customers will find it more difficult to lease the best in the market. Thus, make sure that you choose a company that is reliable and provides a service that offers value for your money. If you call us and talk to us through the hotline, you will notice that we are one of those companies.
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