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When Automobile manufacturers integrate horizontally, they usually acquire another automaker within the same industry – commonly a small scale one. This undertaking of ownership is done partly to increase their sales but mainly to expand their target market. This certainly was the case with Ford when it acquired Lincoln. Ford acquired the brand as its premium luxury car manufacturer and introduced it in the Southeast Asian market. Lincoln has proven to be successful in this task since it is currently positioned among the dominating luxury automobile market in countries such as Japan, China and South Korea.
One of the best products of the brand is 2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. As a luxury car not only does it provide comfort and pride, but also has a variety of safety features which makes the car highly durable and reliable. The car has also been updated with current features which were not available in the previous models. These include automatic headlights, a rearview camera and rear parking sensors. Furthermore, it also offers a high-fuel economy for a standard hybrid vehicle. At Westchester Car Leasing, we offer a variety of Lincoln models; these include Continental Sedan, MKC SUV, MKS Sedan, MKT Wagon, MKX SUV, MKZ Hybrid, MKZ Sedan and Navigator SUV.

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