Dodge Leasing in Westchester

It is an American brand that produces a variety of automobile types. These include cars, trucks, SUVs, sports utility vehicles and minivans. The brand is mainly known for its affordability in terms of performance cars. Although dodge offers a lot of vehicle types, its availability of models are quite limited. But still, Dodge provides quality products with excellent features which have ensured the brand’s existence in the market.
One of the models that gained a successful position in the market is the Dodge Charger. The car is known extensively for its exterior look which makes the vehicle a definite head turner on the road. The exterior features and design consist of the hood, wheels, lights, spoiler and the roof. Also, the Charger is available in multiple colors too.
Among all these many exterior features, the charger’ lights are the most incredible. They increase the over-all attractiveness of the car, especially in the night. The redesigned LED fog lamps, the day-time running lamps, the High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps and the new projector beam headlamps produce the necessary lighting. But these lighting features and their availability depends on the model of the Charger as well.
Now that you know much about the car’s exterior, call us on 631-778-7070 to learn more about the car’s interior features as well.

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Early Termination with Westchester Car Leasing

Some customers usually terminate their lease well before the time with their car leasing agency because they are not able to pay for the lease. But oft times the real reason is that they are not satisfied with neither the performance of the car or the service of the auto leasing agency. But with Westchester Car Leasing, there is no chance of this situation occurring since we provide our customers with the best of service.
But if you are under an unavoidable financial crisis and wish to end your auto lease contract with us, we will understand. We could offer you a loan service from a reliable financial situation that will enable you to continue your lease. But if you think that it is best to terminate your car lease, then we will support your decision.
On the other hand, if you wish to terminate your lease since you intend to lease another vehicle that is also possible. We will release you from your current lease contract and provide you with a new one according to your preference. But if you do your auto lease from a different car lease agency, we will not question your judgment. At Westchester Auto Lease, your reason for the early termination is irrelevant. We carry your best interests at heart and thus only wish to provide you with a satisfactory termination service.
We will ensure that the auto lease termination is done quickly and efficiently, so to relieve of your situation. You need not worry, since we do not charge excess early termination charges.
To know more about our termination procedures and terms, please call us on 631-778-7070. We will be happy to provide you with any information that you require.