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As the luxury mark of Honda, Acura is one of the dominant luxury cars in the North American Market. This is not only because of the lavish exterior outlook and features, but also due to the availability of variety the vehicle offers. The Acura TSX was created as a replica of the Honda Accord, after the latter model become famous in the Japanese market. Though quite similar, certain changes and developments were made to the TSX in order to suit the needs and expectations of the American customers. On the other hand, Acura CSX was another imitation of a Japanese model – Honda Civic, but was created exclusively for its Canadian market.
Acura TL though known as a mid-size luxury vehicle is available for an affordable price. Known as Honda’s volume vehicle and related to the Honda Accord, it offers a selection of luxury options. But it was the RL that stamped Acura’s position as a luxury model in America. It is considered as the flagship car of the model and thus can only be afforded by the higher end society.
Although Acura offers only a limited range of SUVs, the models do have a demand in the market. In particular, the RDX has very unique features even though it is similar to the Honda CR-V. It is designed exclusively for the North American market. The MDX is a larger model that is not limited to one market. It is sold as a Honda in many other regions of the world as well. But the ZDX, which was created alongside the MDX, did not quite catch on as the latter model did.
There are many more models available in Acura, and at Westchester Car Leasing, we offer a majority of them including the latest arrivals. The models we currently have on offer are ILX Hybrid Sedan, ILX Sedan, MDX SUV, NSX Coupe, RDX SUV, RLX Hybrid, RLX Sedan, TL Sedan, TLX Sedan, TSX Sport Wagon and TSX Sedan. If you require any further information about these models, their features or auto leasing deals, contact us on 631-778-7070.

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    As a car leasing agency, our first priority is our customer satisfaction. Before you decide to purchase from Acura, know that various other brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, offer similar luxury car models too. For instance, if you prefer to purchase Acura Legend Sedan, but prefer something grander, then as an honest auto leasing agency, we would advise you to go for the BMW’s 5 Series Sedan. Not only does it outperform the Legend in every aspect, but will also cost you only a $1000 more.
    You can make such comparisons easily at Westchester Car Leasing, since our website offers a selection of brands and models. Therefore, you don’t have to look through various sources and waste your time and energy. We offer this variety to our customers since we aim to operate at your convenience. To find out more, get in touch with us on 631-778-7070.